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Prepare your papers
Papers accepted for submission by IMASBD must meet the following requirements.Please make sure to pay attention to the following requirements when writing your paper.
  • Ensure that the paper should be within the scope of this publication.
  • Ensure that the correct template(MS) is used. (LaTex)
  • Ensure that the original material is different from previous publications and has not been considered elsewhere.
  • Ensure that ideas are presented in a clear, concise, and logical manner.
  • Ensure that the data in the paper should be properly reported, analyzed, and interpreted.
  • Please send the full paper to, provided that all information has been confirmed and that your paper is the final version.
Additional NotesPlease note that as IMASBD is optimizing its workflow, templateis subject to change, which may occur shortly before the initial submission deadline. We recommend that authors check this page shortly before submission to see if any templates have changed.Domestic and international scholars are encouraged to work together on submitted papers, as this can be a process where different ideas from around the world collide and can facilitate academic exchange and further development of scientific research.

Paper Review Process
The Paper Review Process is divided into two parts. The desk rejection is the first partwhere the editors will decide if the initial submission is appropriate for IMASBDor should be rejected at the desk. The criteria for desk rejection are as follows.
  • Not a complete submission. (This includes grossly inadequate data.)
  • Failure of declaration of concurrent submissions that are closely related to the submission.
  • Failure of declaration and/or citation of authors’prior publications that are closely related to the submission.
  • Use of incorrect formatting. (All submissions must use the template specified in the Call for Papers page.)
  • Out of the scope of the conference.
  • Not written in English.
  • Not a conference paper (patent disclosure, popular press article, a complete book, etc.).
  • Too few references (less than 8).
Next is the review session. There are two rounds of review process.During the first round of the review process, reviewers will be asked to review submissions in detail.For accepted papers, reviewers are also asked to answer the following questions that may help authors improve their papers.
  • Is the abstract and presentation adequate?
  • Are more experimental results needed?
  • Is a comparative evaluation needed?
  • Is there a need for improved critical discussion?
  • Are the figures adequate?
  • Are the conclusions/future work convincing?
  • Are the references up-to-date and appropriate?
  • Does the paper need to be formatted?
  • Does the English language need to be improved?
Then they will be asked to provide a first round, summary decision placing the paper into one of the following categories:
  • Accept: The paper meets the above requirements and makes a contribution to the field.
  • Accept with Minor Revisions: There are only minor changes required to make the submission suitable for publication. The 1AC is responsible for ensuring the changes are made before the paper is fully accepted for publication.For submissions with the accept with minor revisions, authors must include minor revisions requested by the reviewers and submit by the 1st round camera ready deadline. Reviewers who is responsible for the previous review will check the revised manuscript for final approval. In case revisions are not sufficient, editors will communicate with authors, and authors should respond quickly. Note that failure of addressing minor revision requests will result in the rejection of that submission.
  • Reject: Papers containing the following elements will not be accepted. a. Papers without competent reasoning, statistical results, and experiments/designs;b. Papers irrelevant to the aims and scope of this conference;c. Plagiarized papers;d. Papers translated with translation software or papers in bad English;e. Full papers are not longer than an abstract or a short report (less than 5 pages);
The reviewers do not feel that either of the categories above is appropriate. Note that the time frame for the revision and resubmission process, and will not allow authors to execute another extensive implementation and/or evaluation or perform complete rewrite. A submission will thus be rejected if the reviewers feel that the required revisions would not be achievable within this short time frame.
Type of ReviewAll reviews follow a single-blind process. All regular papers are reviewed by at least two reviewers, but usually by three or more, and rated considering their: Relevance, Originality, Technical Quality, Significance and Presentation;

If you have any questions or need any materials in English, please contact us at


Deadline and Policies of  Registration
Registration is accepted until September 30, 2022. Registration is still available for non-speakers beyond this date, but it is important to note that conference bags and proceedings are limited to the existing stock.
If you are interested in presenting at the conference and presenting your paper, you may choose to attend IMASBD as a speaker. Please email for more information on registration.
For registration fees, please email for more information on registration. In principle, at least one author per paper is required to attend this conference. All participants should first register for the conference by contacting via email.

Privacy Clauses
Personal and related information collected through this conference website will only be used for conference services. It will not be diverted for other uses and will not be retained after the conference.