Call for Papers


Intelligent Manufacturing, Advanced Sensing and Big Data
Intelligent Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence
Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Intelligent Control System
Green Manufacturing 
Nano Manufacturing
Principle of Automatic Control
Mechanical Design and Manufacturing
Principle and Application of Microcomputer
Intelligent Mechatronics and Robotics 
Manufacturing of Communication Signal Equipment
Precision Manufacturing and Measurement
Manufacturing Process Simulation 
Semiconductor Materials Manufacturing
Identification Technology
Additive Manufacturing
Digital Manufacturing
Real-time Positioning System
Information Physical Fusion System
Automobile Manufacturing
Information Network Technology 
Information Physical Fusion System 
Internet of Things
Recognition and Perception 
Machine Vision 
Biomimetic Mechanism and Biological Manufacturing 
Modeling, Analysis and  Bionics in Manufacturing Process
Recycling and Remanufacturing 
Flexible manufacturing Technology

Advanced Sensing

Electromagnetic Sensor
Optical Fiber Sensing Technology
Imaging Sensor
Mechanical Sensor
3D Printer Sensors
Chemical Sensor and Biosensor System
Military, Navigation, Aviation and Space Tranducer Systems
Modeling and Simulation of Novrl Devices 
Motion and Position Tracking
Multi-sensor and Sensor Network
Nanomaterials and Electronic Sensor Technology
Optical Sensor
Physical Sensing System
Pressure and Strain Sensor
Semiconductor Material for Transducer
Sensor Networks and Applications
Sensor Signal Processing
Intelligent Sensor
Temperature, Humidity and Gas Sensors
Ultrasonic, Acoustic and Magnetic Sensor
Wireless Sensors and Wireless Sensor Networks
Ion Electrode Transducer

Big Data Technology

Big Data Technology
Data Management
Data Mining
Algorithm Engineering 
Big Data Application Development
Big Data Analysis and Preprocessing
Software Engineering
Computer Science and Technology
Applied Statics
Deep Learning
Cloud Computing
Edge Computing
Big Data Architecture
Cloud Computing and Grid Computing for Data Analysis
Data Visualization and Visual Analytics
Big Data Security and Privacy
Knowledge Engineering